The Haute Madeleine

Growing up , the year was spent in Hong Kong, my father’s hometown, and the summers were spent in Burgundy, the wine region where my mother is from. A love for food runs deep in my blood, not only because both Hong Kong and France have such a strong culinary heritage but also because both sides of my family have each worked in the food industry at some point in time. My French great-grandfather owned a little gourmet épicerie and his specialty was making homemade fromage blanc. My Chinese grandfather owned a bakery which introduced Hong Kong to its now iconic and traditional cocktail bun (雞尾包).

After five years in New York City where I learned how to cook what most people here in the US call New American but I call Nouvelle Cuisine, I decided to move to Los Angeles. Here I have access to warm weather, the ocean, and most of all farmers markets with ingredients coming from bountiful harvests. And I am now just one ocean away from home.

Unlike most cooks out there, I did not start young. In fact I had no interest in cooking but I did love to bake with my grandmother during the summer. As I grew older, I developed a passionate, almost obsessive love for food. I was trying everything and anything in the kitchen. I would spend hours clipping recipe after recipe. I still do. I love home cooked food so much that when my boyfriend and I left New York and decided to travel through Central and South America, we decided to drive there instead of backpack just so we could bring a kitchen. My boyfriend built a kitchenette with a grill and power plug in the back of our SUV to accommodate our juicer and pantry so we could experiment with local foods.

Ideas are always bubbling in my head. So I created this blog, to give you a collection of recipes that cross all cultures, and particularly the ones I grew up with. I hope you enjoy!