Growing up , the year was spent in Hong Kong, my father’s hometown, and the summers were spent in Burgundy, the wine region where my mother is from. A love for food runs deep in my blood, not only because both Hong Kong and France have such a strong culinary heritage but also because both sides of my family have each worked in the food industry at some point in time. My French great-grandfather owned a little gourmet épicerie and his specialty was making homemade fromage blanc. My Chinese grandfather owned a bakery which introduced Hong Kong to its now iconic and traditional cocktail bun (雞尾包).

After five years in New York City where I learned how to cook what most people in the US call New American but I call Nouvelle Cuisine, I decided to move to Los Angeles. I had access to warm weather, the ocean, and most of all farmers markets with fresh ingredients coming from bountiful harvests. I found ingredients I had never cooked with before and started exploring the Mediterranean diet, focusing on vegetables and grains.

I have since moved back home to Hong Kong. After a long break from the blog, I am finally ready to start sharing recipes again. Finding all the ingredients I was used to in California is a challenge but that just means my cooking will just have to keep evolving.

Unlike most cooks out there, I did not start young. In fact I had no interest in cooking but I did love to bake with my grandmother during the summer. As I grew older, I developed a passionate, almost obsessive love for food. I was trying everything and anything in the kitchen. I love home cooked food so much that when I left New York and decided to travel through Central and South America, I decided to drive there just so I could use the trunk-turned-kitchenette to experiment with local foods.

Ideas are always bubbling in my head. So I created this blog to share the art of cooking and to give you a collection of recipes that cross all cultures, in hopes that some of them will inspire you.