ChocoDecadence Bar

After dinner I sometimes crave something small and sweet to nibble on, just to satisfy that sweet tooth. But trekking all the way to the store for something so small is out of the question. Thankfully I always have plain chocolate in my pantry, along with nuts and dried fruits. I use goji berries almost every day since they are great for your liver and boost your immune system. I love mixing them with chocolate and adding sea salt on top just to bring out that chocolate flavor even more.

ChocoDecadence Bar:

Dark chocolate (as much as you want)
1 cup of goji berries
Sea salt



First fill up a medium sized pot with about 2-3 inches of water and place it on the stove on high heat. Stick a smaller pot or glass mixing bowl in the bigger pot. Break up the dark chocolate in small pieces (easier to melt) and add to the small bowl. This style is called bain-marie, which heats the chosen ingredient gradually.
Keep stirring the chocolate until it is melted and then add your goji berries. The amount of goji berries you add is up to you (I added a little less than 1 cup of goji berries).
Stir until all goji berries are covered, and then transfer the chocolate to a baking pan lined with parchment paper. Once the mixture is on the baking sheet, flatten it out with a spoon or cake spatula. Stick into the fridge, the chocolate will harden quickly.

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