Make Camping A Gourmet Affair With These Foods


Ready to go on your next camping adventure but a little tired of the age-old mac n’ cheese, potatoes and beans? Don’t get me wrong, there is a certain charm and simplicity to it, and how often do you get to eat those things without feeling guilty? But as a foodie, and as an avid camper, I knew there was more out there. I wanted to make camping as comfortable possible. It all started with truffle oil.
Five years ago, my three friends and I went to Shackleford Banks in North Carolina for a 4-day camping trip. There was no one but us and the wild horses. It was certainly an adventure, as we ran out of water within the first few hours thanks to the blinding sun and the lack of shade, we had sand storms every night and had to get up in the middle of the night to pour out the Sahara desert from our tent. We were also hit with a lightning storm on our last day, with the lightning striking the ground all around us.
Frightening moments aside, the days were peaceful, filled with sprinting wild horses, the sound of ocean waves and food. My friends had made fun of me because I had bought my truffle oil but boy did it not disappoint. After a sleepless night, they were more than happy to have a little bit of luxury.
From that day on, I started imagining what kind of gourmet meal I could make for every camping trip. I usually car camp, which makes things a lot easier.

Here are my top gourmet meals:

Campfire Brie:

campfire brie

This is definitely the camping favorite, courtesy of Haylie Duff from Real Girl’s Kitchen. All you need is brie, thyme or rosemary, cinnamon, cayenne powder, maple syrup, crackers or apples and aluminum.
For a step by step tutorial, please watch my YouTube video.

Avocado Toast:

avocado toastavocado toast camping

Avocado is a healthy fat and is easy to cut up on a piece of bread. I always carry a small bag of spices such as rosemary, red pepper flakes, sale and pepper to use. Check out my recipe here.

Banana Bread:

banana bread camping

Eggs are great in the morning, but I always make a loaf of banana bread or two and wrap them in aluminum foil before I leave. It’s easy to carry and will give you energy for your morning hike. Here’s my recipe.

Pesto Turkey Melt on Brioche Buns:

turkey pesto melt camping

A take on this recipe I found a few years ago by the Dirty Gourmet. I just add turkey, cheddar and pesto inside brioche buns, wrap them in foil and toast them over the fire until the cheese melts. Perfect simple dinner that doesn’t involve prep work. Check them out in my camping video.

Chicken Veggie Skewers:

chicken kebab chicken skewer camping

For this one you might want to make sure you have access to a sink since you’ll be touching chicken. I recommend cutting everything in advance (chicken, peppers, onions, tomatoes…) to minimize the prep work on site. Grill over the fire for 15-20 min, rotating them every so often. If using a wooden skewer, soak the skewer for at least 10 min beforehand so that it doesn’t catch fire.

And don’t forget the smores!